1.        SPAB stands for ________ _________ _________ __________.

2.        For a new or “Initial” SPAB Student, ________hours of training are required.

3.        _______Hours of Classroom training are required for an initial SPAB.

4.        _______Hours of Behind the Wheel Training are required for an initial SPAB.           

5.       You must be _____years of age to have a SPAB Certificate.

6.       The speed limit at a blind intersection is _______MPH.

7.       The speed limit in a school zone is _______MPH.

8.       You must use your turn indicator for _______feet before making a turning move.

9.       If your SPAB certificate is suspended, you may reapply at __________without prejudice.

10.   When approaching traffic at night, you must dim your lights when you are   ______from the vehicle.

11.   In order to drive interstate commerce, you must be _____years of age.

12.  You must be _____years of age to drive SPAB in California.

13.  The CHP 292 form requires that SPAB buses be inspected every _____ months.

14.  The number of passengers that a SPAB bus may transport is recorded on the ____________form.

15.  If your blood alcohol level is .01 you may be placed out of service for _____hrs.

16.  Once your SPAB certificate is issued, you must have _____hrs., of training     every year for the length of your certificate.

17.  If your blood alcohol level is .04% you may be _____________, if you are a commercially license driver, driving a commercial vehicle.

18.   When approaching the rear of a vehicle at night, you must dim your lights _______feet from the vehicle.

19.   Regroovable tires may be used at any position on a bus.  T/F

20.   4/32nd inches of tread are required on the rear axles of a bus. T/F

21.   Fire extinguishers on a SPAB bus must have a rating of _______b.c.

22.   In order to drive intrastate commerce you must be _____yrs of age.

23.   If your vehicle is disabled, you may ___________________to get the vehicle off     the road to a place of safety.

24.   Four people are allowed forward of the white line inside the bus when the bus is in motion.  Name them: _________________________________________________.

25.   A property damage accident is defined as having more than $________damage.

26.   When a SPAB Accident occurs, the following must be notified or cause to be notified:  ___________________,____________________,________________________.

27.   A fire extinguisher must have three things in force to be considered legal in a SPAB bus.  Name them:___________________,____________________,___________________.

28.   A SPAB bus may do the _______________speed limit on any highway.

29.   How many minutes do you have to a SPAB Pre-trip inspection?  _____________.

30.   On a regular CHARTER, you may drive commercially for _____hrs., in a _____hr Spread.

31.   On a SPAB CHARTER, you may drive for _____hrs., in a _____hr Spread.

32.   If you are found to be over 10 hrs driving or 15 hrs total on duty time, you may be placed out of service for _____hrs to become fresh.

33.   If you cannot prove how many days or hours you have been on duty, you may be placed out of service for _____hrs.

34.   Is smoking allowed on a SPAB bus?  YES/NO

35.   Are alcoholic beverages allowed on a SPAB bus even to transport.   YES/NO

36.   Who is the final authority on a SPAB bus.  ___ ___________.

37.    When approaching a railroad crossing in a bus, you must stop not more than _____ft from the nearest track,  nor less than _____ft from the nearest track with passengers on board the bus.

38.    ALL passengers must remain in their seats when the SPAB bus is in motion. T/F.

39.   While conducting a STATIC test for the brake check, the system may lose no more than _____lbs of pressure in one minute.

40.   When the APPLIED test for the brake check is complete, you must reset the park brake.  T/F

41.   While conducting an APPLIED test for the brake check, the system may lose no more than _____lbs pressure, with the park brake released.

42.   When you arrive at a school, you must shut down your engine immediately. T/F.

43.   When departing the school on a SPAB trip, you may start your engine _____seconds prior to departure.

44.   When parking at or near a school, you must shut down your engine if you are within _____ft of the school.

45.   When broken down on a four lane highway, you must place your warning reflectors at _____ft, _____ft, and _____ft to the rear of the bus.

46.   How many first aid kits are required on a SPAB bus?  __________.

47.   How many low air warning devices are required on a SPAB or Charter bus? ________.

48.   How many warning horns are required on a Charter Bus? ___________.

49.   How many extra hours may you drive if there are emergency circumstances? __________.

50.   What constitutes an emergency circumstance in question #49?  ________________________________________________________________________________.

51.   How much lighting is required on a SPAB bus at night?  Only that amount of light necessary to _______________and _______________safely.

52.   The CHP 292 must be placed where on a bus in a clear plastic container? In the _________  __________.

53.   When preparing for a Winter Trip and you know that there is a blizzard where you are going, can you still start the trip for safety purposes?  Yes/No.

54.   How many passenger can you carry on a SPAB bus?  Only that amount listed on the _____ _____ form.

55.   The California Department of Education Training Certificate, TO 1, must be signed at the end of every training period by the Instructor and the Driver. T/F

56.   When do school pupils receive a safety briefing on a SPAB bus?  At the ___________of each trip.

57.   A SPAB driver with a valid commercial drivers license and SPAB certificate may not operate a school bus.   T/F

58.   When you see an emergency vehicle with lights flashing you must do what? ______________________________________________and stop.

59.   Is coasting allowed in a bus to preserve the brake?  YES/NO.

60.   A SPAB bus may be used only to transport students to and from school activities.   T/F

61.   Can any animals be transported in a SPAB bus?  ____________________________.

62.   Are you required to come to a complete stop at a stop sign?  YES/NO

63.   If you are on a SPAB trip and you either go over 12 hours or outside a 100 mile air radius, you are required to fill out a time record.  YES/NO

64.   Recapped tires may be used where on a SPAB bus?  _________________________.

65.   If a SPAB bus is inspected on December 30, 2007, when is the next inspection to be completed by?  _____________________________.

66.   In an emergency, a substitute driver may drive a SPAB without a valid SPAB certificate.       YES/NO

67.   A driver must fill out a D.V.I.R every day prior to operation of the vehicle.  T/F

68.   Companies are required to show that a driver is PROFICIENT in the vehicle he or she operates prior to Commercial operations.     YES/NO

69.   A bus must be equipped so that if the brakes fail, the systems will permit application of the service brake to bring the vehicle to a stop at least _________.

70.   You must always give the right of way to a person with a red and white cane because this means that they are _______________.

71.   The temporary SPAB certificate is issued by the _______________.

72.   The permanent SPAB certificate is issued by the ______________.

73.   The pressures for the cut in, cut out of the air compressor are ____to _______.

74.   Low air warning devices must actuate at no more than _____psi and no less than _____psi.

75.   When you approach a four way stop at the same time as another vehicle, the vehicle on the ___________may proceed first.

76.   Are there any types of hazardous materials that may be transported on a SPAB bus? Name them:__________________________________________.

77.   If you hit a parked car and you can’t find the owner, you must  _________ __ ______  ___  ____  ______.

78.   A low air warning device may be either _________ or ___________.

79.   SPAB vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions may upshift when the engine is over-revved. T/F

80.   Annual SPAB training hours must be complete by the certificate holder’s ________________.

81.   Is hijack training required of SPAB drivers? YES/NO

82.   How often is hijack training required of SPAB drivers? _______________________.

83.   Where is the location of the TWI indicator? _______________________.

84.   What is the TWI used for? _______________________.


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